To be the market Leader Construction Company achieving Excellence services in Construction & Design, striving for exceed our customers expectations on quality, opportunity, pricing and service, generating a suitable profitability from capital investment in all segments; Industrial, Commercial, Housing & Urban development.


CSI Industrial was founded in 1996 as a mechanical and electrical equipment installation company serving the greater Chihuahua City area.

Over the past years, through consistent delivery of high quality works, and a dedication to tackle evermore demanding projects, CSIMX now is a full service construction and design company, operating throughout all of Mexico in all sectors including Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Private, Government and Urban development. CSIMX works with a host of premier American companies and the management staff is fully bi-lingual.

CSIMX’s core disciplines focus on full scale construction, refurbishment, demolition, mechanical and electrical equipment and installation.

CSIMX has developed a reputation for being able to accomplish complex projects, even in remote, under-developed areas of Mexico and is proud to report a 98.5% “On Schedule Completion” record, while maintaining one of the lowest fee base in the entire nation. - All Rights Reserved